Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wish I knew what i did =/

Today, for me, has been totally horrible! I mean school was alright, i had a lot of fun with some of my friends, and i ate somewhere new, so that was a little weird. lol

Anyways, i have been like feeling tortured all day because last night i didn't talk to Mister Amazing Guy. And this morning when he texted me he asked me one question and then was like "OK thanks bye"

It has made me feel like crap all day! Did i do something wrong? I mean it's not like i could scare him away, we already goof around saying we love each other and stuff. I mean we were planning on going out within the next week or so. I just don't get why everything is different today...

Hmmm.... well i guess he is wanting to talk to me, he just texted me =]. It was just a simple hi but i guess that's better then nothing right? Hopefully tonight we can get things straightened out.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, that's probably it.
I really like him though and its hard not to wonder what did i do for you not wanting to talk to me? you know what i mean?

well.... what do you guys think i should do? Forget about him? Or try to figure this out and see if we end up getting together in the end?

Ugh i need help with this... I'm sooooo confused! Please help me!!

Love Forever: BeautifulDisaster

Listening To: Caught up in you by Cassie Thomson

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