Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 words, Drama, Drama, Drama =/

What has made my day speccial?
haha, that would basically be nothing, except for the usual drama drama drama!
im not involved in to much drama, i make sure i stay out of it, if i get dragged into it i always speak my mind and get right back out of it... i dont see the point. i mean honestly what is the point?

Anyways, first reason there was drama today-
1. boys, unfortunately most of the drama happens because of that
2. sports, i mean seriously sports? why the heck would you get tht crap started on a team?
and last but not least number
3. pregnancy, weird topic maybe to some of you, but definitely not at my school.

Okay, the whole number 1 thing sorta goes along with this.... I am absolutely horrible at picking guys. =] i know thats not really a good thing and i shouldnt be smiling about it, but there is more to the story, so listen up. =P
This summer i got into a bad relationship with this guy.. ugh he was my life, but the thing is he was sweet at first and then started calling me names and started putting me down.. so whatever i broke it off, but the thing was i really loved him, i still do! but after that i dated this awesome guy (talking to him now) but distance got in the way since neither one of us was able to drive yet. so we had to break it off. then i had another bf, totally annoying! never ever ever gonna be back with him i mean just ugh!! anyways that leads up to the recent ex... which apparently was also a bad choice.. so read on ;)

So the whole boy drama thingy, it got started because my ex freaking boyfriend who was totally obsessive i mean seriously having to read my text messages? and getting mad at me when im texting my mom about our plans for after school? I mean seriously what a jerk! Anyways, I'm talking to this other guy and everything, he is amazing... and we are totally goofy with each other. Well Ex bf got all mad and everything because he wants to get back together and i totally dont! i mean would you guys really wanna get back with someone like that? Well i certainly dont! But yeah, so that started a bunch of crap and people got mad at me, since he is on the football team and a varsity starter and everything, you'd be lucky to go out with him.. blah blah blah. well im over him and he cant take it basically lol =]
i know thts kind of rude but its the truth.

number 2.
sports sports sports... if you dont play a sport at our school your basically a nobody. i mean seriously! if you do one sport your fine, or even if you do like a sport that our school doesnt do, like archery or something your still fine. And you know how i play like all the sports and everything, well i was thinking about not doing basketball this year to build my strenghth up because of my ankles and dance, singing, and acting classes. oh and modeling =]
Anyways, i totally got my head bit off by like a thousand of people just because i wanted to take a year off. i mean ugh how retarded right?

number 3.
here at my lovely school there is at least 3 girls pregnant a year, i know tht is probably like nothing compared to bigger school but our school is like less then a hundred students including middle school with the high school.
Back to the topic, there is this girl that whenever her sister gets pregnant she has to go and have sex to get pregnant, mind you i believe she is only 14 too!
well she like announced it to our class that she was trying to get pregnant and everything, and then after class got all over me about spreading rumors that she is pregnant... which i totally didnt and i didnt even know she was until she told the entire class.. i mean who does that? OH btw she really isnt pregnant.

Anyways, that basically sums up my day, i know things arent really that interesting right now, but i promise you all that they will get more interesting as time goes on. i mean thhis is my first day blogging, im still trying to get used to it =]
So if yall wanna know anything ask.. and ill blog about it =]

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