Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Blog, About Me =]

I guess some people could say that I'm no special girl, except for my looks. Okay, first of all I am NOT being conceited, I'm sorry if it comes off that I am right away, but i really promise I'm not. Anyways back to what I was saying, I'm told everyday by at least 5 guys that I'm beautiful. (Yeah, it gets real annoying!!) I'm also called babe, honey, sugar cup, baby, honeybear, and so on, which also gets annoying.

What i wanted to do today on my first blog is just to tell everyone about me. Just so ya'll can get to know me, especially before all of the crazy stuff gets started. =p

  • My name is going unsaid for awhile, just for some privacy.
  • I'm absolutely in love with all sports (except for maybe this one that i dont remember the name of)
  • My age is going unsaid also
  • I write poems and essays and songs for the fun of it
  • My family is amazing.... i love them to death
  • My animals are absolutely crazy
  • I'm definitely a dork =] but i love being one
  • I usually like a guy then change who i like within a week or two if i dont feel the fire or spark between us. ( That just doesnt work for me if there isnt a spark)
  • My grades have always been a perfect 4.0
  • I have many many many friends, who i love to death!! They are amazing, and i know they would be there for me no mater what
  • Favorite color: Purple!!
  • Favorite Book(s): House of Night Series by P.C. And Kristin Cast
  • Favorite Song: Fireflies by Owl City
  • Favorite Band/Artist: Justin Bieber or Bullet For My Valentine
  • Favorite name for a boy: Jessie
  • Favorite name for a girl: Penelope

My life can get real crazy at times, with school and sports and what-not. My mood isnt very predictable, unless im talking to this amazing guy =] then im always goofy and talkative.

Oh thats another thing... I talk constantly, just a warning.

Im in love with italian food btw.... i dont know why.. just am

But i guess i better head out for now.. a new update will be posted shorty =]

Love Forever and Always: BeautifulDisaster

Listening To: Love Me By Justin Bieber

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